Things are not always the way we think they are…

She came into the church on Sunday morning, early—while the Elders were meeting with me as they usually do at 8:45 a.m.   One of the female Elders spotted her and went out to ask what she needed.   I soon followed, thinking that the woman was just another needy person who had come to ask for help.   That happens often in the church I am serving as it is a downtown church in Hutchinson, KS, and there are a lot of homeless and needy people in the area where the church is located.. 

She was dressed in soiled blue jeans and a blouse.   Her hair was somewhat matted and hadn’t been washed for awhile.    The discussion I came into the middle of that she was having with my female Elder took me by surprise!.    She was apologizing over and over to the Elder—-saying she wasn’t able to tithe as she just lived on Social Security, but that she wanted to bring her offering  she was clutching in one of her hands to the church to help with what we were doing.   She had been taught her offering should be 10% of her income, but she just didn’t have much.   She was not asking for help—she was offering help.

This child of God was an inspiration to me!   She changed my day and my outlook!   She  reminded me of Jesus’ teaching to his disciples as they sat in the temple and watched a poor widow give everything she had to the temple treasury.  That it is not HOW MUCH that is important—-but that it is the cost of the gift to the person giving it.     She helped me see more clearly that day that it is not the outside of a person that is important, but what is inside.   

Her name is Susan—thank you Susan for showing me what giving is all about!  May God bless you richly!   I have never seen her again, but I hope to one day do that and tell her how she blessed me that morning as she became living scripture for me.

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