The cry now from conservatives and “tea partiers” is “let’s get back to the good old days.   Give me back my country.”   That has always been the conservative outlook—-preserve the status quo as it was 100 years ago.   Do not let the U.S. Constitution be interpreted in the light of the present technological and urban society that we have become  but interpret it as  the “founding fathers” did (who by the way fought vigorously over what it meant but WERE able to compromise on a form of government that has grown a great nation and provided us with a standard of living that all nations envy. 

Want to go back to the good old days?    How about the 1860’s?    Let’s go back to the doctrine of nullification (which our good governor and legislature seem bent on doing with the law passed to nullify the federal gun regulations and arrest federal agents enforcing them).    Let’s break the domination of the states by any federal government and let each state do what they want and decide what laws they wish to follow.  This, of course will break up the Union of States we Call the United States of America.  The southern States tried this.  What happened?   Civil War?    Oh, isn’t that wonderful????   Let’s all keep those guns we are fighting so desperately to keep unregulated by any federal laws and instsead use them on each other!!!

Want to go back to the good old days of the 1930’s?    Over 20 percent unemployment rate.   Widespread hunger.   Riots of workers in large factories?   Really good, weren’t they?   No medicare.   No unemployment insurance.   If you lost your job or were too sick to work, too bad.  If you were injured on the job you were fired with no compensation.   No welfare.   If you retired and didn’t have enough to support yourself or a family to take you in you were on the way to the “poor farm” as it was called.   Conditions there were miserable. I’ve seen “poor farms”.    Oh well!!

Want to go back to my early childhood years?    Be prepared to be anxious about contracting polio, because the cause and the vaccine had not been invented yet?   While you are back there, visit some of my friends who have been crippled all their lives by this vicious disease.  Have diabetes?   Might as well commit suicide now, as the pain will be unbearable so unbearable, as it was to my great grandfather, that suicide is the best course. You see,  manmade insulin had not yet been discovered. Diabetes was a death sentence—a very painful one.   Or we can go  go back to the time when schools closed for “scarlet fever” outbreaks—just an infection now that we can easily cure with antibiotics.  Trouble is when I was growing up there were no antibiotics.   While you are back in these times, check and see how much states were contributing toward conquering these diseases and how much the federal government contributed.   Case rested. 

Are you happy and content in the good old days, when everything was wonderful?   Are you crazy for wanting to go back?   Think about it!!

Let’s get rid of radios and tvs and cell phones and go back to newspapers and telegraphs and letters.   That’s the real way to communicate!    No more computers.   

We need to open our eyes and be critical of those who would lead us down this path of destruction of our lives and our great nation.


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