Here in Kansas, and especially Wichita,  there is a great “hue and cry” about abortion.   The state has passed extremely strict laws concerning abortion.    In Wichita we murder doctors who perform abortion and threaten those who seek to open a clinic to do so with the same. 

I am not “pro-abortion” and I am “pro-life”—-but I see my “pro-olife”  stand much differently, apparently, than most of those “pro-lifer’s”who loudly protest abortion.   I feel that to be “pro-life” means we must go  a long ways past just not being against abortion and consider the life that we have “saved” the fetus to live.     It seems to me that here in Kansas, once the baby is born then we feel free to forget the baby and consign him or her  to a life where hunger, improper medical care because of lack of insurance,  homelessness, poverty, and lack of educational opportunities past highschool—if with the above problems the child even finishes highschool—a doubtful theory.

If you are “pro-life” for children, how can you be against the extension of Medicaid  when many thousands of these children would be covered by health insurance who now are not?   If you are “pro-life” how can you not react to the fact recently published in the Wichita papers that over 2000 children in Wichita schools are homeless?   If you are “pro-life” why do you elect legislators  who run for office on the “pro-life”  platform, but who cut money to colleges and universities and all schools, thus causing many of these children to not be able to afford a college eduction.  If you are “pro-life” why are you not seeking to improve the life of our children??

Your actions,  or lack thereof,  speak so loudly that I just can’t hear your words….. “pro-life.”


One response to ““PRO-LIFE” AND THEN WHAT?……

  1. Dad, loved your article on pro-life. Indeed, the righteousness of God demands that we care for the entire person, from womb to grave, with equality, charity, and dignity. I love what you wrote! Brian

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