“Chaplain, it just doesn’t seem like my prayers go beyond the ceiling.   Where is God when Ineed Him now so much?”

It was  a Saturdaywhen the call came from the hospice I worked for that a patient  in Fort Scott was in a crisis and was calling for a chaplain.    The chaplain that worked that area was unreachable, and so I was called to see if I would go help her.   After making the long drive to Ft. Scott from Fredonia, I was greeted by an elderly woman who had  been placed on hospice  the previous week, after being told that her disease was terminal.    As the message began to take hold in her mind that her life was going to end soon,  she was having real problems dealing with it.   As we visited she told me about the message she’d received, how much she loved the hospice nurse that had already been to see her several times, and how her grand-daughter was to be there the next week to live with her for the next few months she had left in her home.   She told me she had been a member of the Episcopalian church all her life and she had tried to be a good Christian.   But now, she said “it just seems like when I pray, my prayer never gets past the ceiling of my room.”  

I reminded the lady that God was there in that very room with her all the time, since ceilings are not barriers for God, and that her prayers were heard before they had been uttered while they still were in her heart.   And I reminded her that not only had God heard her prayers, but was she aware that God was already responding to her prayers?  -How about the grand-daughter whose heart had been moved to become her caregiver?    How about the “angel,” as she called her, who was her hospice nurse?  God had already sent two people  to be with her and take care of her when she needed them!

God answers prayer—sometimes it just  takes us a little while for us  to become aware of the answers!

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