As the news from Moore, Oklahoma, and communities nearby continues to get worse and the death toll continues to rise,  what seems to be  a very natural outbreak of love and compassion contiues to rise for those affected.   Human beings are basically good and loving, I believe.   And I believe that it is not just “church-goers” who reflect this love, but all human beings.  Perhaps that is because we  humans are all made in the image of God—-and the great revelation that permeates the books of our Bible and culminates in the life, teachings, and acts of Jesus is that GOD IS LOVE!     In the book of Genesis we are told that human beings were “made in God’s image”.    If that is true then we  naturally reflect the love of the God who created us unless we let other things obstruct this natural reflection—things like politics, exclusive religiosity, ethnic and racial bias, etc., etc.  

We see humans made in the image of a loving God so clearly in the disaster in Oklahoma.  On Facebook there is a natural outpouring of love and concern and prayers for the victims of the storm.  The Week of Compassion folks of my denomination (Christian Church, Dsciples of Christ) are already planning the best way to help and to reflect God’s love for those who grieve and those who have lost everything.    Week of Compassion  urges  us all to Pray, Pay, and Stay—-that is pray for the survivors,   make our expressions of love active as we Pay monetarily to help victims, and to STAY AWAY right now and let emergency personnel do their jobs and not get in their way.  

Richard Rohr says in his book “Immortal Diamond”:     “…God’s life and love flow through you as soon as you are ready to allow it.   That is the core meaning of faith—to dare to trust that God could, will, and does have eternal compassion toward you.”    And if that is true for me it is true for everyone.   May God’s love continue to flow through us toward those who are victims this day and everyday, both toward the victims of tornadoes and toward the many victims in our society who suffer each day of the year.   Amen.


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