Life can change in an Instant…

     Life can change in an instant!    In the Summer of 2010, my wife and I spent a sunday evening planning what we would do when I retired from the interim ministry the next Sunday.   We planned a trip to California; to explore the area around our new home in Wichita; to take some day trips in Kansas and to go to other places.   I went to bed with these thoghts in mind.   About an hour later, as my wife came to bed, somehow she stumbled at the head of the stairs and even with the stairlift in the way, fell headlong down the stairs and sustained a life-ending brain bleed.   A week later she died—never regaining consciousness.

In an instant, our lives changed forever!

   I could not avoid thinking of unpredictability of life  as I read the headlines today about the airliner crash in San Franscisco.   182 injured, 2 deaths.   I thought about how a few i nstants before the crash some passengers were anticipating reunions with loved ones; some were looking forward to a great vacation in the states; some were perhaps here to begin college, or to start a new job—or were just coming back home!

In an instant, anticipation of happy events changed to pain or death.  In an instant!!

     This life is unpredictable  isn’t it?   Too often we forget this and are like the man in the paraable Jesus told about the farmer whose crops were so good that he built bigger and bigger barns to store them in.   Then he sat down and said:   “Soul, eat drink and be merry!”

     Jesus called him a “fool”.   He said:  “You fool, tonight your life will be required of you and then who will have all of these riches you have stored up?”

     We never know how long we will enjoy this life, so it is better to “build up treasures in Heaven, where moth and rust do not corrupt, and thieves do not break in and steal” Jesus told his listeners.   Life is fleeting.   Enjoy and be thankful for what and who you have in your life today, for there are no guarantees for tomorrow!

     And be sure that God is in your life today, so that tomorrow will always be assured to you as a treasure in God’s Kingdom.

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