God’s Problem or Solution?

“”If your religion does not transform your consciousness to one of compassion, it is more a part of the problem than the solution.”  (p. 61, R. Rohr, Immortal Diamond.)

     As I read these words, I reflected on what was posted on my blog on 6/24/13 entitled “A Ministry to the Hungry and Needy is Abolished.”    That blog told a sad story written by the founder of the Bread and Cup ministry at First Christian Church, Hutcinson,  that was really a story of a church being “religious” but not “compassionate”.   It told of a church where “when the going gets tough”, the people lose their compassion and love of others in favor of self-protection from any imagined risks.  It told of a church that, if it had lived in times of persecution, would have been apostate on a group level.   (“Apostate” was the name given those of the early church that renounced Jesus as Christ in order to save their own lives. )  It told of a church where love of the building overcame love of the people that  Jesus reached out to—the poor, the needy, the mentally ill, the hungry, the different, the outcasts of his society.  

It simply told of a church where leaders and people had not been transformed by the love of God through Jesus the Christ, but instead had failed to heed Paul’s warning to the church at Rome—-“Do not be conformed to this world , but be transformed by the renewing of your minds, so that you may discern what is the will of God—what is good and acceptable and perfect.”    (Rom. 12:2)

     But before we throw any stones at these “apostates”, we need to look at ourselves honestly and truthfully and assess how many times we have followed their example! 

Thankfully, God is a forgiving God.  If we recognize we have NEED OF TRANSFORMATION, God is able to lead us into discerning his will— what is “good, acceptable, and perfect.”   With his power and love behind us and moving us forward we can overcome our human weakness and our quickness to “conform to the world” and instead be “transformed.”   “With God”, as Jesus reminded his disciples, “all things are possible.”

The question then is:  “Does your religion transform your consciousness to one of compassion?”   If it does you are a part of God’s solution for a sick and desperate and hurting world.  If your consciousness lacks compassion and instead yearns for safety and not taking risks, you are a part of God’s problem, and the world will continue to hurt a bit more because of that!

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