Rich vs. Poor—Fist vs. Fist

Here is a meaningful quote about the rich/poor gap that exists in the U.S. and our world.   “The relationship of the poor to the rich today can be illustrated by two hands.   An outstretched hand is rising up seeking liberation (from poverty).   As the (outstretched) hand moves outward, it encounters another hand, made into the palm-forward sign to “halt”;  it (the palm-forward  sign) is a wall blockingg the movement of the outstretched hand.  The open hand moves against the wall, again and again, gradually becoming a fist pounding on the hand that refuses to yield.  Soon the second hand also clenches and hardens into a fist.   This is how we must characterize the world today, as the two fists pounding against each other.” (The Call to Conversion, p. 163)


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