Taking a Week Off

I am in Rochester, NY visiting my son.   I’m working on a post for next week as I’m home Aug. 20.    I am going to be writing my next post about getting old and the life changes that take place.   I am becoming an expert on old age,  as you will see from my “About me”.   Stay tuned—I appreciate all of my readers.    I’ll be back with a post next week.   Pastor Jim

2 responses to “Taking a Week Off

  1. Liz Ilic Wilkinson

    Dear Jim,
    How can you say you’re old? I think I’m old. Next month I will begin my 42 nth year of teaching! I’m getting tired and a full day seems like too much. This is my last year of teaching as I turn 65 in Sept. What happened to my junior year at HF and going to US. History class? For me I’m moving in a different direction. My travel brochures, my dreams, goals center on “going home.” I want to learn more about my Savior, Jesus and learn more of his promises for those of us who believe and gave our whole being to him. I want to talk with him incessantly and be quiet and let him talk with me incessantly, mostly through his Word.
    Enjoy your time with crew!

    • Dear Liz
      What a wonderful surprise to hear from you! You DO make me feel old when you tell me you are finishing your 42nd year of teaching! I hope your retirement is a good one and that you enjoy the extra time you will have. Please stay in touch with me and tell me more about your life. I pray that God blesses you and holds you and your loved ones close in His Love.

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