Acting Like Christians in an Election Year….


Just a quick question this week!  I’m wondering what would happen if all the people who profess to be Christian in the state of Kansas (a majority, I’m sure) declared that the FIRST TIME THAT SOMEONE LIED ABOUT, OR MISLED PEOPLE ABOUT THE OPPONENT,  OR DEFAMED THE CHARACTER OF AN OPPONENT THAT THEY WOULD NOT VOTE FOR THAT CANDIDATE?  In this time when “Fact Checkers” are necessary in order to check the truthfulness of political advertisements on TV and radio that would be a radical move for Christians to make.

Would it make a difference?   Of course it would !!  So why are we not doing that?   I seem to remember that the 9th Commandment (Exodus 20:16) says: “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.”   Untruthful and misleading information and defamation of character of opponents in politics is “bearing false witness.”    When we , as Christians, support those who do so, we are supporting the breaking of the 9th commandment  just as much as the politicians who do so.  .   Are you doing so?   Is that what you want to do?   Think about it!!

By our acquiescence in giving those politicians who do this our vote, we as Christians are actually as guilty as those who do the untruthful mudslinging  that defames and degrades the political process these days!    Is this what Christians want to do?  Is this what Christians want to do?   REALLY!!!????

What would happen if all the churches in Kansas, all the Christians in Kansas, demanded truthfulness and honesty from politicians before giving them their vote—at state and national levels?    Would it make a difference?   It would make a world changing difference in our political process!!  Why don’t we try it!!??

If you agree—share this post with your friends.  Make it go viral!  Making the difference starts with YOU!  Quit just “talking the talk” and begin to “walk the walk” as Christians!

3 responses to “Acting Like Christians in an Election Year….

  1. I love your message, dad in this entry; how true nationwide. I am continually ashamed at the way professing Christians allow their political views and passions to cloud their moral commitments before God and persuade them to condone things that should not be tolerated. Blessings… Brian

  2. Richard Duckworth

    Very relevant Jim.  We need  to  facts check the statements of the candidates and expose their lies before God and everybody as soon as we can.  Democrats  need  to get a list of registered Democrats in every county, call them  to see if they are registered to vote, if not get them registered, get a commitment to vote and make a note to provide transportation if needed.  Republicans keep their base fired up with lies.  Democrats and Progressives need to keep their base fired up with the truth —- the facts.  Preach on, brother!!!  One of the blessings of this pulpit is that  you  alone have  the final say.  No one can fire you!   ……Dick   


    • Thanks, Dick! You shared some good ideas about carrying this out. I agree with you about Dem. & Repub. I do enjoy the blessing of this pulpit when there is no one who is holding my job over my head!

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