A voice silenced, but it will live on here….

dad_nowYesterday, my father James H. Bell passed from this world into the loving arms of Christ at 8:24 a.m. He was 80. His passing was peaceful, at home, and with his loving wife Kay, his daughter Lisa and myself at his side. About six months ago, he made a courageous choice to take control of his life from a world of hospitals and doctors and, in the end, we believe it gave us (and you) more time with his kind, generous, passionate and loving soul.

I helped my father start this blog in 2011-2012 when he retired (or at least one of his “retirements” as he never really gave up his calling of teaching and living the way of Christ). I knew he would need an outlet as he had so much to share. I am so proud of what he did with it. He loved sharing his wisdom, faith and passions here, doing so until just eleven days ago.

He built a community here. Thank you all for being a part of that community. It meant so much to him. While the voice at its core has been silenced, Pastor Jim Bell’s Jottings will remain so that others may find it and my father can continue to reach their minds and hearts.

I shall pass thru this world but once. Any good I can do or any kindness I can show any human being, let me do it now. Let me not deter or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.

Stephen Grellet (1773-1855)

If you would like to reach the family, please comment on this post or send an email to pastorjimbell+1936-2016 [at] gmail [dot] com (open for a limited time)

Greg (& Kay, his editor)

13 responses to “A voice silenced, but it will live on here….

  1. I am so saddened to learn of this news. You have my deepest sympathy. He was indeed a very special person and will be sorely missed. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  2. Thank you for posting this very sad news. I’m only one in many who is following his blog, but I owe him a lot. When we first connected here in the blogging world, he was an amazing cheerleader for me to continue writing and sharing God’s love and when I went through the turmoil of grief while my dad was in hospice last year, Jim was always around with an encouraging and strengthening word and when I had to bury my dad – there Jim’s kind voice rang again. My blogs would not be what they are today if it weren’t for him and I will sorely and deeply miss him. My condolences to you all and though we know he is in the best place anyone can be, he will be missed.
    – from the outskirts of Tokyo.

    • Thank you for being part of this community and for letting us know how he touched you. I knew he was very fond of his interactions with you.

      • My condolences to you all. May Jesus grant you all peace and comfort as you go through the time of grief. He will be missed greatly. He was like a “blogging dad” to me. Thank you for setting up the blog for him. Blessings.

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  4. His voice will indeed continue to be heard, but allow me to suggest his blog will be a minor part of that voice. It will be the people God directed him to and that God directed to him that will carry his grace, his tenderness, and the love of Christ that filed him. The Gospel will continue to echo from his lips through those he touched. It will echo across the globe and along the halls of time, far further and far longer than his blog.

  5. May he rest in peace with his maker in heaven.

  6. I am so sorry for your loss. I didn’t know your dad long, but I considered him a friend and am looking forward to meeting him in heaven. I am praying that God continually comforts you and all who loved this good man.

  7. Elisabeth Wilkinson

    Dear Greg,
    Your mom and dad use to pick me up at my home in Homewood and let me babysit you when they went out(Before Lisa). Your dad was my 10th grade(1966-67) US History teacher. Like he use to say, he found me alone crying in the hall and the rest is history. When he started Hospice, I called him and I told him that when he meets our Lord, He will say, “Servant well done.” Your dad said, “I hope so.” That’s when I lost it and that’s what I love about your dad, he was such a great soldier for Christ and yet so humble. I would say the only reason I’m living today is because I turned to your dad so often and with God they brought me back from a dark place.

    Of course your dad sponsored FTA(Future Teachers of America) and I had always wanted to be a teacher. I did become a teacher and taught for 44 years. When I retired last year, he said he was very proud of me. You know Greg, I told him the truth that nobody had ever said that to me about anything.

    I’m sorry for your loss. I am keeping you, Lisa and Kay in my prayers.
    Elisabeth Wilkinson
    Ringgold, GA.

  8. Greg & Kay: It has been a week since we received the word that your father and husband took his promotion from this life. I’ve had time to reflect upon this situation and want to make a suggestion of something that has been helpful to me. If you don’t have the book titled, “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young, get it. The October 3 devotional begins with these words;
    “when many things seem to be going wrong, trust Me. When your life feels increasingly out of control, thank Me. These are super natural responses, and they can lift you above your circumstances.”
    Jim and I graduated in the same seminary class of 1960, at Phillips University in Enid. I went to serve a little church in Kansas. Jim was called as youth minister in a church in Kansas, also. Jim not only had a seminary degree but he also played the piano very well. Long story short, he was fired because he was a threat to the senior pastor. Hence, he got his teaching credentials in California to teach high school students. He retired from teaching and returned to Kansas serving as a Disciple of Christ pastor.
    His blog tells you how effective he was. His students didn’t realize that their teacher was pouring his wisdom into them as a result of a very negative experience.
    When I learned that he was back in Kansas I called him up and told him I was going to agitate him as an old friend as long as I could. He put me in touch with his blog. Every one of them challenged me to think so I had reason to agitate him every week or so. He was a blessing to Sue and myself and he and Kaye even drove to Enid to have lunch with us several months ago. With the Lord, you never know when negative circumstances will lead to blessings.
    I have had Parkinson’s for the last 6 years and am confined to home with the blessings and care of Sue and my youngest son, Gary and his wife, Carol. Gary is a Physical Therapist, Carol is a LPN. So I am extremely blessed.
    I have had a spiritual break through by reading, “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young, a 365 day devotional. Jim was so generous in sharing his life with Sue and me that I wanted so share this with you. Kaye, I will be agitating you.
    Sincerely, Dick and Sue

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