About Pastor Jim’s Jottings…

Since I recently retired from active pastoral ministry and teaching, I have been at loose ends to know how I might continue to communicate some of the things I’ve learned through my experiences to an audience,  since I no longer have one in a church or a classroom.

I think that this blog may be the answer. I plan to post on it at least once a week  or perhaps more often,  and hope to share what I’m reading, my experiences, and my reflections with you who read this. I hope that you will join me in this endeavor so I can use this outlet to share the experiences and wisdom gained in 78 years of living, in which were 35 years of teaching in high school and college, and over 20 years of Christian pastoral ministry.  I hope for your comments and questions and concerns to be communicated to me concerning what I write.  My writings will mostly fit into one of three categories:   (1)  Pastoral Ministry;  (2)  Education;  Politics and News of the day.

I have a broad educational  experience as well as life experience. I hold Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Phillips University and Phillips Graduate Seminary (now Phillips Theological Seminary), a Master of Arts in Teaching from the University of Chicago, and extensive graduate work at San Diego State University in counseling psychology. I also have  widely varied life experiences as I worked at many different jobs,—- from farm-hand t9 steel worker, to Park Ranger —– besides the ones listed above. The life of a teacher raising a family is the life of having a second job to support that family.

I retired as a Minister Emeritus in the Christian Church ( Disciples of Christ) in Kansas, receiving the Honored Minister’s Pin from my church in Hutchinson on my retirement as interim pastor  there. Besides my public school teaching and ministry I also was a Hospice Chaplain for several years for Harry Hynes Memorial Hospice in southeast Kansas. I have been through the agonizing experience of losing my wife of 54 years and recently remarried a wonderful woman who has brought light to my life as I emerged from the dark valley of the shadow of death.

It would please me if you react to my ideas and dialogue with me so that you  can be a source of insights for me, as well as vice versa.   I hope to learn from you who read this as you write your reactions to what I write. That is my plan and my prayer.  Thank you for sharing time with me!

9 responses to “About Pastor Jim’s Jottings…

  1. I read your blog today for the first time. You are truly a gifted man.

  2. Hi. I nominated you for the Liebster blog award! 😉 You can find details on my blog: https://stresslesswithjesus.wordpress.com

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  4. Pastor Jim,
    I saw your comment on Nurse Kelly’s blog, so I’m seeking clarification.

    I just looked up “Hope Out of Darkness” (Richard Rohr) on Amazon .. don’t see it … but I did see “Hope Against Darkness: The Transforming Vision of Saint Francis in an Age of Anxiety” by Rohr … is that it?

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