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Fear for Power and Profit

We are a nation of fearful people and it is leading to all kinds of self-destructive behaviors by our fellow Americans.    Fear is divisive.  Fear leads to exclusion and scapegoating.   Fear is suspicious of everyone and trusting in  no one.    Fear will eat away our American freedoms.   Fear leads to hatred and hatred leads to violence and killing and lynching and  war.  Since 911 our political leaders and the gun lobby and manufactures ,especially, have fed on the current  atmosphere of fear and communicated it in many different ways for their political and economic gain.

Not only that, but fear leads to blindness.   The American people have been convinced that this fear is a good thing.   Fearmongers  have convinced us that we are on the right side in a battle against evil.    They have trumpeted that we must be  rid of illegal aliens.   They have said we must close our gates to refugees (A “wag” stated recently that France has requested the Statue of Liberty be returned).   Laws are being passed by states and attempts to pass laws at the national level to not allow Syrian refugees into the country—-why?   because they might have Isis members among them.   President Obama has been one of the few voices urging restraint concerning the divisive fear that is pervading our society.

Our fear has been extremely  profitable for the gun manufacturers—led by the NRA, their lobbyist, to produce and sell more and more guns as fear is fanned by demagogues and the NRA.   Every time there is a mass shooting, the sales of guns go up—although I’ve never read  that  any of these mass shooters have been gunned down by someone in the crowd!

Fear used for political and economic gain is destroying our  nation  more surely than any terrorists can do.    Think about it!!