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Seeing God in our Mirror

Look at yourself in your mirror?    Do you see God there?   You are made in the image of God.   That’s God you see!!   But you say, “That’s not God, it is just meThe same old me with warts and all.   I have all these problems and faults and bad habits, and on top of it I’m having a bad hair day.  Just last night I went on a hateful tirade about politicians!    I swear at times!   I am critical and analytic  and unloving and scared and  weak willed and fat—-and how can you say that you see God in me?”

True—-all of the above are faults and problems most of us exhibit at one time or another and that’s just a few of the many—but there is one thing that we are forgetting!!  That is that God, with unconditional love for us as his children, has forgiven us and we can thus stand before our mirrors and see God in ourselves.   It’s not because we have done anything to merit this—-it is due to God’s grace and love for us.

Now look at a homeless person.   That person is also God’s child.   He is made in the image of God.   The mirror he looks in reflects God also!   Despite  the dirty clothes, the unwashed smell, the unshaven face and the unkempt hair.   As he wearily makes his way along the street with a backpack and a black plastic bag holding all of his worldly possession—- can you see God in this person?   He is the recipient of the same unconditional love  and forgiveness of God just as much as you are.    We are all in the same position—-loved and forgiven by God through no efforts or merit of our own.

So—who are  we to  judge this homeless person or to judge each other?   As Jesus said:   “Judge not, that you be not judged, for the same judgment that you give will be meted out to you.”  What wonderful things might happen in all of our lives if we could just manage to see God in all of the people around us—-and in ourselves!    Amen.